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As per Happiness on Legs request, online shop has been created wit ability to display the shop and every item within it in two different languages.

Bilingual Content
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Happiness on Legs wanted to address two distinct demographic groups – English-speaking and Russian-speaking customers. In order to facilitate this request, HOL website has been created as multilingual website with ability to switch languages.


Give your child a better chance

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At the early age your child may not clearly comprehend someone’s idea and most importantly, may not develop the skill to act constructively when told to do so. How to solve this dilemma? How to train the skills and habits to act in constructive and positive way at early age? How about us, late hard learners, how do we develop new skills and habits to improve our lives? There are many resources giving great advice, telling you how to think, how to act, how to succeed et cetera.  The question is how long do we last following those advices? Few of us are lucky enough to have a strong will to persist. And the rest of us usually slide back to regular path of life. How to train the skills and habits to act in constructive and positive way at any age?
HAPPINESS ON LEGS has something to offer.

  • Bilingual internet shop;

  • Search Engine Optimization;

  • Social network integration;

  • Responsive design for mobile devices;

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