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Mind Your Health Clinique

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Mind Your Health clinique requested to create a website to present medical services and local premises to prospective and existing clients.  New website had to be be modern, stylish and distinguishable.

Virtual Tour

Mind Your Heath clinique requested to create a 3D Virtual tour with specialized equipment to allow visitors to navigate clinique premises from the website page.

Mind Your Health Clinique

Your place for advanced healthcare

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Mind Your Health clinique provides a wide range of services and treatments to help and teach it clients how to maintain an optimal health, how to stay young and healthy for a long time.
Mind Your Health Centre helps patients and clients to reach their maximal health and optimal performance potential through innovative rehabilitation and integrated evidence-based medicine by a skilled team of multidisciplinary health care professionals.
MYH Center provides holistic approach to the process of improving your body metabolism and its ability to be restored to the optimal weight and well-being. We not only help you to get there – we provide you additional training that will help you to stay on track and maintain optimal lifestyle and fitness abilities.

  • To provide Search Engine Optimization;

  • To create virtual tour for clinique premises;

  • Correct display on mobile devices;

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