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Olie Vainberg requested a shop that wouldn’t look like a typical internet shop. It should like an elegant platform for selling art that not only provides the functionality but also reflects the spirit and magic of Olie’s paintings.

Carrier Integration
Integrated with PayPal

Since paintings are shipped to collections all over the world, integration with shipping carrier is a must. As per Olie’s request, Canada Post parcel services were seamlessly integrated into checkout process.


Embrace the Magic

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The tapping of heels on the cobbles of Rome, the magical white nights of Saint Petersburg and its’ famous galleries, her father’s jazz music gently lulling her to sleep… Olie Vainberg was born in 1964 in Saint Petersburg, Russia and was lucky to embark on her art journey in a very early age. She has lived in Italy, traveled to exotic destinations all over the world, bringing the magical scents and rich flavors to Toronto, where she had set her cozy home 40 years ago. Olie has been always fascinated by the effects of color and texture on the healing of the soul, their whimsical intervention reaching the depths of the human essence. Her art has been said to heal, being charged with universal energy that sends positivity and light to the viewer. The serene tranquility of her paintings weaved into the gallantry of daring colors transforms and unites, while creating magic and fairytale.

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  • Social network integration;

  • Responsive design for mobile devices;

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